Macomb Residents - Covid 19 Vaccine Registration


What is this partnership?
A partnership between SMART and the Macomb County Health Department to register seniors on a wait list to be called by the County when vaccine appointments are available. To qualify, you must be a senior 65 and over who currently lives in Macomb County. In addition to registering seniors, SMART is also providing free transportation to and from the vaccination sites for anyone who needs it.
Which vaccine will I get through this appointment?
You will receive either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, and the second dose will match the same vaccine you receive at the first appointment.

Will I get both doses through this program?
Yes – this program will ensure you get both doses when you’re supposed to. The County will schedule your appointments for each dose when they call you.

Are all of these appointments at drive-through sites/Will I have to get out of the vehicle?
Depending on which vaccination site has appointments available when you are contacted, you may go to a drive-through site OR a walk-in site for your appointment.

Can I or someone I know drive me to my appointment in a personal vehicle instead?
Yes, just let SMART or the County know that you don’t need a ride.

Will this program get me appointments for both doses required?
Yes. The program includes both doses of the same type of vaccine. The County will be scheduling the appointment for your second dose during the same call. SMART will provide free rides to both doses for anyone who needs it.

Is it safe to ride SMART to the vaccine site?
SMART and our community partners are following strict safety guidelines to keep riders and drivers safe throughout the pandemic. These include limiting capacity on the buses, spaced out seating, requiring masks for all riders and drivers, and pre-screening everyone on the day of your trip to ensure all riders and drivers are symptom-free. We have hand sanitizer dispensers on every vehicle, sanitize every bus regularly and also spray all vehicles every 5 days with microbacterial coating to kill and prevent viruses including influenza and COVID-19.

Will anyone else be on the bus with me?
For SMART’s small buses we will have up to 6 passengers, and larger buses would have up to 10 passengers, all pre-screened, wearing masks and spaced out safely.

Do I need insurance or a referral from your doctor?

Is there any cost to me for the vaccine or the ride?

Who do I call for more information about the vaccine?
You can visit the Macomb County Health Department website.

Who do I call for more information about transportation?
You can call SMART Customer Service at 866-962-5515, press 2, Monday through Friday from 7a – 4p.

If you have other questions, you will be able to ask the person who calls from the County before they schedule your appointment.